Introduction to Tutorials

Our tutorials were published as a way to give back to the open source community.

We are not a support organization, and do not profess to be experts. We hope that our experiences in setting up these technologies may be helpful to someone else!

The tutorials have been prepared on a personal workstation running Microsoft Windows Vista.

VirtualBox can be downloaded FREE from the VirtualBox web site

Update December 2012
We have found that few Data Centers were interested in an open source implementation of Cacti for their energy management. We were told that energy management was not an key issue facing the IT support staff for smaller  data centers. Companies like Mozilla, Google and Yahoo have all the skills they required to implement Cacti directly, or have decided to work with commercial software with integration to VM Ware, SAP and other environmental management packages.

As as a result we have not updated the tutorials from earlier versions of the platforms.

We have left these articles posted as they might yet offer some direction for administrators solving the issues we needed to solve!